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Gimlet Media is the award-winning narrative podcasting company that aims to create a world more full of human connection and understanding. We create and distribute audio journalism and audio entertainment for audiences who crave something special. Gimlet was founded in 2014 and is based in Brooklyn, New York. We are a podcast division inside of Spotify.


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Profile photo for Aaron Randle

Aaron Randle


Aaron is a producer for Resistance. Currently living and learning in Harlem, he was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo. Before Gimlet Aaron worked as a Metro reporter with the New York Times and prior to that as reporter with his hometown paper, The Kansas City Star. 

Profile photo for Abbie Ruzicka

Abbie Ruzicka


Abbie is an Executive Producer and the Head of Gimlet Projects, a creative production team that develops new shows for Spotify Studios. Prior to joining Gimlet, she spent seven years in public radio, first as a podcast and radio producer with WGBH News and later as a producer for the nationally-syndicated NPR show "On Point."

Profile photo for Afeef Nessouli

Afeef Nessouli


Afeef is a Producer for The Journal at Gimlet. He lived with his 72 year old Dad in Beirut, Lebanon for the last two years covering the country and its ongoing revolution for the Google Podcasts creator program. Before that, he was a Producer at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and used to freelance at CNN too. 

Profile photo for Alex Blumberg

Alex Blumberg


Alex is the Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Gimlet Media. He is an award-winning radio journalist. Prior to Gimlet, he was a producer for This American Life and the co-founder of Planet Money.

Profile photo for Alex Goldman

Alex Goldman


Alex Goldman is co-host of Reply All. His work has appeared on On the Media, 99% Invisible, Slate, and elsewhere.
Profile photo for Alicia Burgess

Alicia Burgess

This bio is brought to you by Alicia, one of Gimlet’s midroll producers. She previously worked for National Geographic creating branded content for TV and social media. She enjoys exploring NYC neighborhoods and fostering cats with Brooklyn Animal Action.

Profile photo for Alyia Yates

Alyia Yates


Alyia is a producer for Mogul. Her talents have been featured on Crosscurrents, The Kitchen Sisters, and Spooked. But before all of that, she was known all over Yelp as the "waitress with the extremely long and decorative nails". She hails from Kansas City, Missouri but don't hold that against her. And she currently has no hobbies cause her hobby is now her job...Thank goodness.

Profile photo for Andrea B. Scott

Andrea B. Scott


Andy is an editor at Gimlet Projects. Before joining Gimlet, she edited and produced "The Wilderness" - Crooked Media's series about the Democratic Party. Prior to that, Andy worked as an editor and director in documentary film. She loves lakes, karaoke, presidential libraries and city parks - preferably ones filled with dogs.

Profile photo for Anna Foley

Anna Foley

Anna is a producer at Reply All. Before coming to Gimlet, she wrote stories for Refinery29 and attended graduate school at Northwestern University. 

Profile photo for Anna Ladd

Anna Ladd

Anna won Gimlet’s Casting Call competition, hosted a show called So Help Me, and now she’s an associate producer. She is, in no particular order: a morning person, a dog person, and an Eagles fan.

Profile photo for Annette Heist

Annette Heist


Annette is the supervising producer of Every Little Thing. Previous jobs include waitress, biologist, fact-checker and registered nurse. 

Profile photo for Annie Minoff

Annie Minoff


Annie Minoff is a senior producer at The Journal. Prior to Gimlet, she co-hosted the science podcast Undiscovered and produced WNYC’s Science Friday and WBEZ’s Sound Opinions. Talk to her about birds.

Profile photo for Annie-Rose Strasser

Annie-Rose Strasser


Annie-Rose is an editor at Gimlet. She previously worked as a Managing Editor at BuzzFeed News and, prior to that, at ThinkProgress.
Profile photo for Anya Schultz

Anya Schultz


Anya Schultz is an associate producer for Stolen. She’s from the San Francisco Bay Area and is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Columbia Journalism School. She used to be a professional cook, but now she’s just a professional eater.

Profile photo for Bethel Habte

Bethel Habte


Bethel's a reporter and producer for Resistance. She comes to Gimlet from Radiolab, and Reuters before that. She picked up her early radio chops at the Transom Story Workshop after getting her graduate degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She is a child of Eritrean immigrants who taught her to try her best, keep her promises and never eat injera with her left hand.

Profile photo for Blythe Terrell

Blythe Terrell


Blythe is an editor at Gimlet. She was previously senior editor for science and health at FiveThirtyEight.
Profile photo for Bobby Lord

Bobby Lord


Bobby is a Senior Audio Engineer/Composer at Gimlet. Before joining Gimlet he did music production/composition for various clients, post mixing/sound design for various ad/creative agencies, and toured as a musician.

Profile photo for Caitlin Kenney

Caitlin Kenney


Caitlin is the Head of Programming at Gimlet. Before joining Gimlet, she was one of the founding members of NPR’s Planet Money, where her work on the Planet Money t-shirt project earned her an Emmy, a duPont-Columbia, and a Gerald Loeb award. Prior to that, she worked as a producer at WNYC, WBUR, and NPR’s Bryant Park Project.

Profile photo for Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson


Catherine is an Audio Engineer on the Gimlet Creative team. When she’s not working at Gimlet, Catherine can be found playing a keytar in the band Robot Princess or re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer for the millionth time.
Profile photo for Cat Schuknecht

Cat Schuknecht


Cat Schuknecht is a producer at Gimlet covering crime. She joined from NPR, where she worked on the Investigations Unit and made podcasts like White Lies and Hidden Brain. Before that, Cat worked at Reveal and received her masters in journalism from UC Berkeley.

Profile photo for Chris Neary

Chris Neary

Chris is a Senior Development Producer at Gimlet. Prior to Gimlet he was a producer at NPR’s On the Media and WNYC’s Freakonomics Radio. His work has appeared on those shows and This American Life. He’s from Ridley, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Grinnell College in Iowa.
Profile photo for Christian Abreu

Christian Abreu

Christian is a Systems Technician in the Brooklyn office. He’s the go-to man for all IT needs. When Christian isn’t fixing Gimlet’s tech issues or burping his newborn baby, he’s spending time researching and working on his many DIY projects.

Profile photo for Clara Sankey

Clara Sankey


Clara is Gimlet's Associate Manager of Content Operations. Previously she has been an editor and project manager at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Ten Speed Press, and McSweeney's Publishing.

Profile photo for Collin Campbell

Collin Campbell


Collin is the Deputy Head of New Show Development, based in Los Angeles. Before Gimlet, Collin created new and news-y things at WNYC (like Freakonomics Radio and The Takeaway), bestsellers at Audible (like The Making of a Massacre, Sincerely X and Evil Has a Name) and headed up programming at KPCC, one of the largest NPR News stations in the country.

Profile photo for Connie Walker

Connie Walker

Connie is the host and managing editor of Stolen. Prior to joining Gimlet, Connie hosted the CBC podcast Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo.

Profile photo for Damiano Marchetti

Damiano Marchetti

Damiano is a producer at Reply All. Before Gimlet he worked on stories for Radiolab and Planet Money, among others.
Profile photo for Daniela Araya

Daniela Araya

Daniela is Gimlet's Office Operations & Culture Manager. Previously, she worked at companies like CNN, Great Big Story, NYLON, and the Hearst Design Group. She's a big fan of interior design, painting, and her Basset Hound named Lady.

Profile photo for Daniel Ramirez

Daniel Ramirez

Daniel is the Audio Engineer for New Show Development and is based in Los Angeles, California. Prior to Gimlet, he worked as a Sound Designer/Composer at APM’s Marketplace and Crooked Media. Daniel is an Enneagram 4 with a 5 wing, a family man, and will never say no to chocolate.

Profile photo for Devon Taylor

Devon Taylor


Devon is an editor at Gimlet. Prior to joining Gimlet, she worked as a writer, a producer, a lawyer, a teacher, and—for one lucrative summer—a door-to-door knife salesman.

Profile photo for Edward McGee

Edward McGee

Eddie is a Sr. Producer on The Get Up. Prior to joining Gimlet, he worked for ESPN and enjoyed a cup of coffee with the Oakland Raiders & NY Jets. Above all else, Eddie loves a good murder mystery novel, fresh seafood, and the greatest Go-Go band of all time, Backyard Band. 

Profile photo for Elise Harven

Elise Harven

Elise is an Art Director at Gimlet. Previously, she worked at an ad agency doing social media for Don Q Rum and Sony. Elise enjoys listening to french music and going to shows.

Profile photo for Emma Courtland

Emma Courtland

Emma is the host of Crime Show, but she’s also a very good listener.

Profile photo for Emma Munger

Emma Munger


Emma is an Audio Engineer and Composer. Before coming to Gimlet, she was a music producer at the Erroll Garner Jazz Project and an instructor at the Brooklyn Guitar School.

Profile photo for Emmanuel Dzotsi

Emmanuel Dzotsi


Emmanuel Dzotsi is a co-host at Reply All. Before that, he produced and reported stories for WBEZ, This American Life, and Serial. 

Profile photo for Enrique Pérez de la Rosa

Enrique Pérez de la Rosa


Enrique is a Producer for The Journal at Gimlet. Before coming to Gimlet, Enrique reported on farmworker communities for Northwest Public Broadcasting in Yakima, Wash., arts and Tlingit culture for KCAW in Sitka Alaska, and women's rights issues for CimacNoticias in Mexico City. 

Profile photo for Flora Lichtman

Flora Lichtman


Flora is the host and managing editor of Every Little Thing. Previously, Flora worked for “Bill Nye Saves the World” on Netflix, The New York Times, and Science Friday.

Profile photo for Gabby Bulgarelli

Gabby Bulgarelli


When Gabby isn't working on Mogul you can find her digging for obscure hip hop samples, baking cookies, or not being funny on Twitter. Before joining Gimlet she worked on WUNC's The State of Things, programmed tools to aid WFAE's investigative reporting, and watched A LOT of basketball at UNC Chapel Hill.

Profile photo for Haley Shaw

Haley Shaw


Haley is Sr. Audio Engineer/Composer at Gimlet, where she mixes audio and creates music and sound design. When she's not working on podcasts, she produces music for recording artists under the name So Wylie. Prior, she wrote music for picture and worked in audio post production.

Profile photo for Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers


Heather is a producer and reporter. She comes from a background in long-form print journalism. Her articles have appeared in Mother Jones, ProPublica, the New York Times Magazine, and The Intercept. Her most recent book, Green Gone Wrong, takes a critical, on-the-ground look at the contradictions of green consumerism.

Profile photo for Jade Abdul-Malik

Jade Abdul-Malik


Jade is an associate producer for a narrative crime show with a background in journalism, creative writing, and rewatching Shrek movies too many times. The 7-year-old Jade would be so proud to know that she grew up to be a storyteller.

Profile photo for Jamescia Thomas

Jamescia Thomas

Jamescia is a producer for Gimlet Projects. She does not have a dog but she is still cool! Previously, she freelanced for Spotify as a video producer and before that she worked in production on shows like Project Runway and Food Network specials - and also worked in development thinking of cool things for companies like BET, Bravo, Netflix and more!

Jerome Campbell


Jerome Campbell is a producer for Gimlet. He previously worked as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, WBUR, and KCRW. 

Profile photo for Jessica Yung

Jessica Yung

Jessica is a producer at Reply All.

Profile photo for Jessie Harte

Jessie Harte

Jessie Harte is Gimlet's Creative Director. Before joining Gimlet, she worked as the Group Director of Experience Design at Digitas NY. Her dog's name is Charlie.

Profile photo for John White

John White


John White is a producer at Gimlet. Previously he worked at StoryCorps facilitating conversations and producing stories for NPR’s Morning Edition and Weekend Edition broadcasts.

Profile photo for Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein


Jonathan Goldstein did a show on CBC Radio. He does stories on This American Life. He wrote a few books and some magazine articles. His new show is called Heavyweight.
Profile photo for Jonathon Roberts

Jonathon Roberts


Jonathon Roberts is an audio engineer at Gimlet. He is also a composer, dad, and creator of the ComposerDad podcast. He and his kids love music, adventures, and listening to fun facts while they brush their teeth. 

Profile photo for Julie Balefsky

Julie Balefsky

Julie Balefsky is an associate producer in the scripted department at Gimlet. Previously, she worked in scripted television, assisting showrunners and producers on popular TV shows like Orange is the New Black and Ray Donovan.

Profile photo for Justin McGoldrick

Justin McGoldrick

Justin is the Development Executive for Gimlet Pictures, where he collaborates with writers and other talent to translate podcasts to tv and features. Prior to Gimlet, he was a Creative Executive at Illumination and The Montecito Picture Company. He is based in Los Angeles.

Profile photo for Kalila Holt

Kalila Holt


Kalila Holt is Heavyweight's senior producer. She’s from Chicago, Illinois and a graduate of Oberlin College. Whenever Kalila Holt makes a salad, people say, “Wow, that salad looks great.”

Profile photo for Katelyn Bogucki

Katelyn Bogucki


Katelyn is a supervising producer at Gimlet Projects. Prior to joining Gimlet, she worked at The Huffington Post, where she developed the podcast and audio program. Before that, she worked in marketing at Uber.

Profile photo for Katie Pastore

Katie Pastore

Katie is the Producer, Scripted Content at Gimlet. Previously, she was the associate producer of Manchester by the Sea and was a post production coordinator at New Line Cinema. She spends a significant amount of time fighting with her dog.
Profile photo for Kendra Pierre-Louis

Kendra Pierre-Louis


Kendra Pierre-Louis is a climate reporter with the Gimlet show How to Save a Planet. Previously she was a climate reporter with The New York Times, as well as Popular Science where she wrote about science with a focus on climate change and food. You can often find Kendra on Twitter or achieving dramatic feats like living in France without eating butter. She is in a long-standing feud with mayonnaise and those who insist on its widespread application.  

Profile photo for Kerrianne Thomas

Kerrianne Thomas


Kerrianne is a producer at Gimlet Projects. Prior to joining the team, she worked on podcasts for Refinery29, Conde Nast, and The Listening Booth.

Profile photo for Khairi Williams

Khairi Williams


Khairi "Ky Will" Williams has a love for writing, creating and telling stories rooted in music & culture. Khairi started his professional podcast career as a Producer at ESPN where he worked on "The Right Time" w/ Bomani Jones and created "Elle & Fitz Talkin Music" hosted by Elle Duncan and Jason Fitz. Ky also has worked in live radio in New York City for Hot 97, WBLS and ESPN radio which were two skills that prepared him to produce "The Get Up" here on Spotify which is a beautiful marriage of the two mediums. You can follow Ky on IG @kywillmedia and Twitter @KyWill211.

Profile photo for Laura Morris

Laura Morris


Laura is a Senior Producer at Gimlet Projects, developing new shows for Spotify. Prior to Gimlet, she produced audio guides at MoMA, docs at BBC World Service, and lectured at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Profile photo for Lauren Silverman

Lauren Silverman


Lauren is a Supervising Producer at Gimlet. Before that, she covered health and technology for NPR, Marketplace and KERA in Dallas. You can also hear her stories on shows like Here & Now, Latino USA, Science Friday and The Pulse. Lauren’s favorite birthday game is the treasure hunt and her preferred party favor is silly putty.

Profile photo for Lila Benaissa

Lila Benaissa


Lila Benaissa is a Supervising Producer for The Get Up on Gimlet. She is the proud mom of two pets: Body & Baxter. Before working at Gimlet, she produced content across digital, linear, live and social platforms for Tidal, Complex and Viacom.

Profile photo for Lisa Wang

Lisa Wang

Lisa Wang is a Producer at Reply All. Before that, she helped make Science Rules! with Bill Nye and Mob Queens at Stitcher. And before that, she was an Audio Academy Fellow at KALW.

Profile photo for Lydia Polgreen

Lydia Polgreen


Lydia currently serves as the Managing Director at Gimlet. Prior to that, she served as editor in chief of HuffPost, and worked at the New York Times in several roles that spanned from Associate Masthead Editor, Deputy International Editor, South Africa bureau chief, correspondent for the New Delhi bureau and chief of the West Africa bureau. She grew up in Kenya, Ghana and Minnesota. Today, she resides in NY with her wife, documentary photographer Candace Feit. 

Profile photo for Lynn Levy

Lynn Levy


Lynn Levy is an editor at Gimlet. She hosted The Habitat, which documented a year-long simulated mission to Mars. Before coming to Gimlet, Lynn produced stories for Radiolab.

Profile photo for Marcus Bagalà

Marcus Bagalà


Marcus is an Audio Engineer and Composer at Gimlet. Previously Marcus has written music for This American Life, Showtime’s The Affair and notably he co-scored the documentary film Fathers of Football with The Flaming Lips.

Profile photo for Mathilde Urfalino

Mathilde Urfalino


Mathilde is an Associate Producer at Gimlet Projects. Before joining Gimlet she was on the producing team of podcasts Criminal and This is Love in Durham, North Carolina. And before that, she dreamed of making podcasts in the US from Paris, France.

Profile photo for Matthew Boll

Matthew Boll


Matthew is Gimlet’s Audio Production Lead. Previously he worked as a producer at Chicago Recording Company. He was a founding member and toured with The Hudson Branch. He can still be found writing and playing music with these two bands: Bienart and Edwin.

Profile photo for Matthew Nelson

Matthew Nelson


Matthew is the Supervising Producer of Mogul. Prior to joining Gimlet, he reported and produced features for the BBC World Service, NPR, and CBC.

Profile photo for Matt Shilts

Matt Shilts


Matt is a Supervising Producer at Gimlet Projects. He produces Spotify Original podcasts. He is a proud member (and the former news director) of North State Public Radio in Chico, California.

Profile photo for Maxwell Simeon

Maxwell Simeon

Maxwell Simeon is Gimlet's Business Operations Lead. He is responsible for all business-side operations for Gimlet with particular focus on maximizing the value of Gimlet produced content. He previously worked with various Fortune 500 consumer companies at Boston Consulting Group, and as an investor at B Capital Group. 

Profile photo for Meg Driscoll

Meg Driscoll


Meg is a Producer at Gimlet. Before joining the team, she worked at The Colbert Report and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She crochets constantly.

Profile photo for Meryl Horn

Meryl Horn

Meryl is a Producer at Science Vs. Before coming to Gimlet, she got her PhD in neuroscience at UCSF, where she also led a student-run science podcast. 

Profile photo for Michelle Dang

Michelle Dang


Michelle is an Associate Producer at Science Vs. Before osmosing into the audio world, she studied biology — and is also a nerd for pretty graphs, visuals and experiential learning.

Profile photo for Mimi O'Donnell

Mimi O'Donnell

Mimi is the Head of Scripted at Gimlet. Before coming to Gimlet she was the Artistic Director of the Labyrinth Theater Company. She also spent many years as a Costume Designer for Theater, TV and Film.

Profile photo for Mitch Hansen

Mitch Hansen

Mitch Hansen is a Supervising Producer at Gimlet. Before he joined the team, he worked at Investigation Discovery and Audible. When he’s not producing content, he spends most of his time untangling his headphones.

Profile photo for Mona Madgavkar

Mona Madgavkar

Mohini Madgavkar is an Associate Producer for Heavyweight. She's originally from Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. She is also a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop, and previously interned at Reply All. She has very strong opinions about curly hair products.

Profile photo for Nabeel Chollampat

Nabeel Chollampat

Nabeel is an Executive Assistant at Gimlet. He recently graduated from the University of Michigan, and he's a fan of all things writing, comedy and basketball.

Profile photo for Nathan Singhapok

Nathan Singhapok

Nathan is an Audio Engineer and Composer at Gimlet and works on The Journal. Previously, he worked at The Criterion Collection where he restored film audio. Outside of audio engineering and composing, Nathan likes to spend his time at the climbing gym, running or biking around the park, and diving into a good record or book.

Profile photo for Paul Bowman

Paul Bowman

Paul Bowman is the Studio Technology Manager for our Brooklyn facility. Before moving into studio design and tech, Paul spent several years working in music and film as a recording and mix engineer for clients including Sir Paul McCartney and Willie Nelson. When he isn’t upgrading or troubleshooting you’ll find him with a guitar or a snowboard in hand.

Profile photo for Peter Leonard

Peter Leonard


Peter is an Audio Engineer and proud Hufflepuff at Gimlet. Previously, he worked at Vox, where he produced podcasts like The Weeds and mixed audio for Vox videos. You can also find him playing bass and synthesizer in his band, Sunbathers.

Profile photo for Phia Bennin

Phia Bennin

Phia is a Supervising Producer at Reply All. Before joining the team, she produced stories for This American Life, Radiolab and Planet Money.

Profile photo for Phoebe Flanigan

Phoebe Flanigan


Phoebe is a Producer for Every Little Thing. She used to produce and report news in Oregon — the greatest state in the union.

Profile photo for Rachel Waldholz

Rachel Waldholz


Rachel Waldholz is a producer for How to Save a Planet. Before joining Gimlet, she was a Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow in Germany and reported for Alaska Public Media in Anchorage and Raven Radio in Sitka, Alaska.

Profile photo for Renita Jablonski

Renita Jablonski


Renita is an Editor at Gimlet Projects. Before joining Gimlet, she worked at NPR for nearly a decade. Her last job there was senior editor for All Things Considered. She did the vampire thing for a few years as an editor for Morning Edition, and worked on NPR's newscast unit. When she's not listening to great stories, she's all about spontaneous dance parties with her daughters. 

Profile photo for Rikki Novetsky

Rikki Novetsky


Rikki is a Producer on The Journal. Before joining Gimlet, she produced podcasts at Pineapple Street Media and worked on the daily news shows at NPR. 

Profile photo for Rose Rimler

Rose Rimler


Rose is a Producer at Science Vs. She got her MS in marine biology researching baby oysters no bigger than a grain of sand. So far, the best question she's posed as a science journalist was: "Have you ever considered putting deodorant on a chimpanzee?" 

Profile photo for Rosie Guerin

Rosie Guerin

Rosie is an Executive Producer at Gimlet Projects, a creative production team that develops new shows for Spotify Studios. Prior to joining Gimlet, she launched "All Of It" on WNYC, and before that, spent years as a producer and editor in television. Rosie is from Maine, and especially loves the beach in winter. 

Profile photo for Sarah McVeigh

Sarah McVeigh


Sarah is a Supervising Producer on the development team. Before joining Gimlet, she worked on Australia's national youth current affairs show Hack on Triple J. She also created and hosted the podcast How Do You Sleep At Night? for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Profile photo for Sarah Platt

Sarah Platt


Sarah is the Supervising Producer of The Journal. Before Gimlet she worked in public radio at WBUR. Talk to her about bread.  

Profile photo for Sharon Mashihi

Sharon Mashihi

Sharon is a supervising producer on Gimlet's development team. In 2020, she released the audio mind trip podcast series, Appearances. Before that, she was an editor on the podcasts The Heart and Bodies. And before that, she wrote screenplays, worked in dance and theater, and had about a million different freelance radio jobs.

Profile photo for Stephanie Werner

Stephanie Werner


Stephanie is a producer for Every Little Thing. She's a multimedia journalist hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Past projects include the award-winning miniseries "Born and Raised," a podcast about children of immigrants, from HuffPost Canada.

Profile photo for Stevie Lane

Stevie Lane


Stevie is a Producer at Gimlet Media. She graduated from Bowdoin College, where she studied Political Philosophy and English and co-hosted a radio show. When she's not in the recording studio, she's most likely in the metalworking studio. If you have an hour to kill, ask her about hammers.

Profile photo for Talia Rochmann

Talia Rochmann

Talia Rochmann is a Graphic Designer at Gimlet. Previously she worked with Kornhaber Brown, Catalystic Studios, and the Overlook Press. She knows far too much about animals.

Profile photo for Tim Howard

Tim Howard

Tim Howard is creative director at Reply All. He lives in Berlin.

Profile photo for Tyler Sorensen

Tyler Sorensen


Tyler is a Senior Producer at Gimlet. He previously worked at BuzzFeed, where he specialized in producing sponsored content.

Profile photo for Valentina Powers

Valentina Powers

Valentina is the Head of Content Operations at Gimlet. Previously, she worked at New York Public Radio where she was running Operations and Program Management for the Product and Technology team. Valentina has been in the audio space for most of her career where she started as Production Assistant for a radio documentary producer. She enjoys being in the thick of it where tech and audio converge. 

Profile photo for Wallace Mack

Wallace Mack

Wallace Mack is a Producer from Lowcountry South Carolina who has been living and loving in Brooklyn. He's produced for The Nod, Uncivil, and Mogul S2. He's currently cooking up heat with the Resistance team. 

Profile photo for Wendy Zukerman

Wendy Zukerman


Wendy is the host and executive producer of Science Vs. Previously, she worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where she originally created Science Vs.

Profile photo for Willa Rubin

Willa Rubin


Willa Rubin is an associate producer at The Journal. Before coming to Gimlet, she worked at The Indicator from Planet Money on NPR. She has an M.A. in journalism from CUNY and is very much a cat person.

Profile photo for Zac Schmidt

Zac Schmidt

Zac is Gimlet's Head of Audio Production, managing the Audio Engineering, Music and Tech teams. Previously he was the Audio Production Lead for Gimlet Creative. Before joining Gimlet he worked in Audio Post Production at Chicago Recording Company.