Are you a founder that wants a coach? Call us.

StartUp tells the kind of business stories you don’t usually get to hear — in-depth and intimate, about people embarking on something big, daunting, and new — all in real time.

This spring, we’re is developing a new segment that pairs founders with executive coaches to talk through specific challenges currently facing their company. We are looking for founders who are want to engage in an open and honest conversation about their business, their goals, and their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you are a founder or co-founder and you’d like to meet with an executive coach to talk about an imminent problem, decision or change that’s happening at your company, let us know.

Give us a call at (812) 641-1231 and leave a voice message with a few words about your company, a challenge you’d like to discuss with a coach and some basic info about yourself (your name, where you’re based, a means for us to contact you). We plan to tape in March or early April.

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