Editor, Reply All

Editor, Reply All

Hello! We are Reply All, a weekly podcast that covers the internet and whatever else we are interested in through a weird mix of ambitious narrative journalism and conversations between friends. We are proud of our show and equally proud of the environment we make it in — a team of hardworking, super supportive people who make each other laugh a lot. 

The Job

We’re looking for an editor. We do not understand sports, but we understand this role as some combination of team coach, team cheerleader and last line of defense against all the errors and mediocrity that try to sneak into everything humans make. A bunch of smart and creative and sometimes anxious people will need to rely on and trust you.

You should have years of experience in longform audio storytelling. You should know how to structure and write for radio. We want someone who’s a pro at turning OK stories into good ones and good stories into great ones. You need to be a visionary, a friendly ass-kicker, and a builder-up of people.

We want someone who knows and loves our show and who is also impatient to get their hands on it and tweak it in a bunch of ways we haven’t dreamed up.

What You’ll Do

  • Guide the team toward ambitious stories, helping us refine big ideas, and pushing for the best possible finished product
  • Work closely with the show to develop pitches and ideas — from the conceit to planning individual interviews through the entire episode
  • Coach and guide producers through the editorial process from first tape-gathering to final polish

What You Have

  • 5+ years of experience editing or story producing longform journalism, audio background is extremely important
  • A deep comfort and proficiency in structuring and editing non-linear, narrative pieces
  • A proven knack for mentoring, and helping others develop in their careers
  • Exceptional communication skills, across the board
  • Excellent taste and a strong vision for what makes exceptional, ambitious stories sing
  • Enthusiasm for extreme experimentation  

This is a full-time role; you must be able to work full-time from our Brooklyn, NY offices. To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter HERE. In a separate document, we’d also love links to 2-3 pieces of work that you’ve directly edited or produced, with a brief explanation of your role in bringing each piece to its final form.

Hello Interns!

Hello, Interns! At Gimlet, we're always on the lookout for people who want to start their career in media. We offer several internships throughout the year, both on the business and editorial sides of the company. Keep an eye on our Careers page for the latest.