Senior Producer, StartUp

The Company

Gimlet Media tells stories through audio. Our roster of podcasts includes critically-acclaimed shows like Reply All, Homecoming, Heavyweight, Mogul, and Science Vs.

We come from diverse backgrounds, but we’re brought together by our shared belief in working hard, embracing creativity, and supporting one another. At Gimlet, good ideas matter more than titles. People who tackle problems with creative solutions, and who love the energy of a collaborative, team-oriented creative process, thrive here.

The Show:

StartUp launched Gimlet as a company, and the show has won multiple awards and redefined how business stories are told. As we start planning our seventh season, we’re looking for an ambitious, curious, talented, and kind senior producer to help lead our team.

StartUp is a show about what it’s really like to start a business.  Our first season followed our own company’s founder, Alex Blumberg, on his journey to start this very company. And from there, our team has continued to find stories of fascinating founders and the trials and complications that come with building something from scratch. In our seventh season and subsequent seasons, we’ll return to the show’s original format — following one character or storyline over the course of a full season of episodes.

The Job:

We are looking for a Bay Area-based Senior Producer who is passionate about long-form, serialized storytelling and excited to make strong, original journalism about all kinds of upstart enterprises and the people who run them.

This is a critical role for building StartUp’s exciting new future. The Senior Producer will be a key part of organizing, planning and creating new, serialized seasons that focus on one single company or subject. The person in this role will work closely with a host and a producer to build an entire season of StartUp. That means managing schedules and deadlines, field reporting, producing key interviews, thinking through story arcs, writing scripts, and working through and organizing tape. The Senior Producer manages the team, helps to set the tone of the show, and serves as one of our main editorial voices.  

What You Have:

  • 4 years, or more, of experience making longform audio or video stories
  • Strong ability to structure a compelling and unique audio story, both editorially and technically (ProTools experience preferred)
  • Experience working on a tight production schedule and translating ideas into action
  • Enthusiasm for covering business stories in an emotionally compelling, narrative way
  • Preference for working with and leading a collaborative team
  • Strong ability to keep open lines of communication on a team spanning two cities
  • A knack for delivering clear, conscientious feedback on both stories and performance
  • Eagerness  to train, develop, and mentor more junior staff members

What You’ll Do:

  • Create a plan for how a serialized season will look, sound, and be structured
  • Set deadlines and keep the team on track and working toward its goals
  • Pre-interview, interview, report, record, and write stories for StartUp’s serialized format
  • Manage both the editorial product and career development of at least one producer
  • Select tape, pitch angles on stories, participate in group edits
  • Represent the vision and voice of StartUp at live events — anything from Gimlet Member meetups to industry panels

What you should submit:

  • A resume
  • A cover letter
  • A pitch (under one page, please) of a company that you think would make a good subject for a StartUp season
  • Three examples of work you’ve done in the past

This posting will close on Wednesday, September 27, at 5:00pm ET. To apply, click HERE

This is a full time job with salary and benefits. It is based San Francisco, CA.

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