Background show artwork for Eddie Lizzard

Once upon a time, a sleepy little lizard in the sunny state of Florida was taking a snooze inside his leafy-green home. When the little lizard awoke from his nap, something was different. The orange-hued sunsets of the south were gone! The little lizard found himself in a big space with white walls and sand-colored concrete floors. The little lizard was very surprised. Where was he?

The accidental-adventurer peeked out from behind the branches of his plant. The inhabitants of this new place were very tall and had humongous feet. They walked from room to room, wearing giant hats over their ears, and it looked like they were listening to the hats!

The little lizard was frightened, but determined to make his way back home. He hopped out of his house and scampered along the floor. Oh! He stopped in his tracks, surprised! This floor was the same color as the sandy beaches of Florida, but it was certainly not as soft, or as warm. Suddenly, a voice boomed out above the little lizard: “Oh my gosh, is that a LIZARD? How did you even get here, little buddy?”

The next thing the little lizard knew, he was scooped up and placed in a clear plastic dome. The giants began to crowd and hover above—whispering and giggling with delight. Among the onlookers was a woman with short hair and glasses. The little lizard watched as she stared at him thoughtfully. “Hmm!” said the woman, raising an eyebrow. After a moment, she rushed away.

For a little while, it was quiet. But as the day drew on, different groups of giants shuffled past the little dome, watching him intently. The little lizard began to doubt whether he’d ever go back to his own home—or any home for that matter—ever again. But just as he was about to shed a little lizard tear, Eddie was flying through the air once again.

“Don’t worry, little guy,” said a voice from above. It was the woman with the short hair and glasses! She was picking him up! He closed his eyes tightly and held his little lizard breath. What's going to happen to me now?

The movement stopped and the little lizard worked up the courage to open his eyes again. When he did, he saw that the woman with glasses had placed him into the biggest jungle he’d ever seen. This new house was far grander than his former Floridian fern. There was a swimming pool, endless sun from a hot, glowing lamp and plenty of buggy snacks to munch.

“We should probably give you a name,” the nice woman with glasses said, “How about…” she trailed off, chuckling to herself,” How about Eddie...Lizzard.” 

And they all lived happily ever after!

The End.