#9 Forensic Science

October 7, 2016

Get out your tweezers and magnifying glass – this week, we’re investigating forensic science. There are a slew of scientific techniques that forensic experts use to solve crimes. But how reliable are they? We’re putting forensic evidence under the microscope. To help us crack the case, we talk to Assoc. Prof. Sibyl Bucheli, attorney Chris Fabricant, former crime lab director Barry Fisher, Dr. Itiel Dror, and Assoc. Prof. Patrick Buzzini.

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This episode has been produced by Shruti Ravindran, Diane Wu, Austin Mitchell, Heather Rogers, and Caitlin Kenney. Our senior producer is Kaitlyn Sawrey.

Edited by Annie-Rose Strasser. Fact checking by Michelle Harris.

Sound design and music production by Matthew Boll, mixed by Martin Peralta and Bobby Lord. Music written by Bobby Lord.

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Thanks @wendyzuk and @sciencevs for inspiring my placard for @ScienceMarchIE.