Bill Nye the Science Guy introduces us to an obscure historical figure. Plus, we revisit the eclipse.

A special thanks to:

Jediah Cummins, Will Jones, Jon Stalwart, Kevin Bunch, Emma Holland, Trina Hughes, Brynne Leftridge, Dustin Leftridge, Gage Parrott, Lyndey Clayborn, Stacey Allen, Jared Allen, Jude Allen, Eva Allen, Jenny Carlson, Andy Donnelly, Lee Stevens, Sean Bartz, Tory Grimm-Oropesa, Olivia Grace, Emma Powers, Paul Davey, Ron Vega, Daniel Grote, Jackie Grote, Chris Steely, Kim Nagle, Ken McDonald, Mark Lowe, Ahmad Aziz, Edwin Thomas, Jim Shaffner, Marcello Herrera, Nancy O’Connor, Leita Plate, Sara Montero-Buria, Jasmine Dow, Christly Thjorne, Matthew Jernigan, Bruce Wong, Keely Hertzel, Jamie Traynor, and Elisia Flaherty.


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anyone else think this a perfect representation of our show this wk?
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