All Heroes Wear Capes

September 11, 2017

Nelly on the cover of Sweatsuit, Eve during New York Fashion Week, Cam’ron on Rap City’s Tha Bassment. This week, we follow the rise, fall, and rise again, of the durag.


The Nod is produced by Eric Eddings, Brittany Luse, Kate Parkinson-Morgan, and James T. Green. Our senior producer is Sarah Abdurrahman. We are edited by Annie-Rose Strasser, with editing help this week from Jason Parham and PJ Vogt. Engineering from Cedric Wilson and Haley Shaw. Our theme music is by Calid B. Other original music in the show by Calid B, Bobby Lord, Dynamedion, and Nana. Fact checking by Nicole Pasulka.


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