Playing the Race Cards

October 30, 2017

Who’s Blacker: Oprah or Sojourner Truth? Producer Kate Parkinson-Morgan tells Brittany and Eric about a new game that asks players to argue what makes one person Blacker than another.


The Nod is produced by Brittany Luse, with Eric Eddings, Kate Parkinson-Morgan, James T. Green and Emanuele Berry. Additional reporting and production assistance this week from Jake Brownell. Our senior producer is Sarah Abdurrahman. We are edited by Annie-Rose Strasser. With editing help from Noel King. Special thanks to Devon Taylor and Jasmine Romero. Fact checking by Nicole Pasulka. Engineering from Cedric Wilson. Our theme music and additional show music are by Calid B. And a big thank you to Professor Prentiss Dantzler and all his students for allowing us to record their class.


Learn more about Trading Races:

See photos of the class playing the game (Courtesy of Jennifer Coombes/Colorado College): 


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"Our language around gender identity is often so Western, how can we intersect that with non-Western realities?"