Yes!  Our shows will continue to be available, for free, wherever you get your podcasts.

If you’d simply like to gift a tshirt, as an annual member, you can have your t-shirt sent anywhere, including to someone else’s address. Just fill in the tshirt order form with that person’s name and address.

If you’d like to gift an entire membership (with website access), you can sort of do this, by first purchasing the membership under your name, and then transferring the details:

1. Go to the Gimlet Media webpage and sign in to the Membership Area.
2. On the right, under “My account,” click “Account settings.”
3. In the pop-up box, change the name and email to the recipient’s name and email and click “Update your profile.” Since you’ll have to send him/her the password separately, you may want to also create a new temporary password for him/her.

Please also note:
1. The recipient will not receive a welcome email from Gimlet (because that’s automatically triggered to send to you when you first purchase it).
2. You may want to turn off auto-renew, so that you are only charged for one payment cycle. To do so, in the Account settings pop-up, select “Subscriptions” then “Turn off auto-renew.” Unless, of course, you want to keep giving them the gift of a Gimlet membership into perpetuity!
3. If you are gifting the annual membership, the recipient is entitled to a free shirt! As long as you don’t order one when prompted by the welcome email, he/she will be able to log in and click the link that says, “Claim my t-shirt.”
4. The recipient will not have access to your credit card information. Don’t worry!

Go to, and you’ll find a Login button on the upper right hand corner of the page.

We accept credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Any prepaid cards from these companies will also work. Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal payments.

We use Stripe to process payments for memberships. Gimlet itself does not have access to your full credit card details at any time.

How can I change the credit card associated with my account?

To change your payment method, login to the Member area on our site. On the right, you will see the “My Account” box. Click the first link, which says: “Change the credit card on my account.” You can save your new card details there.

How can I change the email associated with my account?

Login to the Member area on our site. On the right, under “My Account,” click “Account settings.” You can update your contact information there.



It’s automatic. Monthly memberships will renew every month, and annual members once a year.

1. Go to the Gimlet Media webpage and log in to the Membership Area.
2. On the right, under “My Account,” click “Account settings.”
3. Toggle to the “Subscriptions” tab and click “Turn off auto-renewal.”

To cancel your membership, you can turn off the auto-renewal, as per the instructions above. This means you will not be charged for your next billing cycle. We do not issue returns for memberships.

1. Go to the Gimlet Media webpage and sign in to the Membership Area.
2. On the right, under “My account,” click “Account settings.”
3. Toggle to the “Subscriptions” tab and click “Change plan.” Your card will be charged a pro-rated amount, depending on whether you are upgrading or downgrading your subscription.



Yes! Once you sign up for an annual membership, you’ll be automatically navigated to the members area, where there will be a t-shirt order form to indicate your preferred tshirt (which show) and size (S-XXL), along with your shipping address. So don’t worry– you’ll get to choose exactly what you want!

Unfortunately, t-shirts are only available to annual members. Sign up for an annual subscription, and you’ll score that t-shirt–along with the knowledge that you’re helping Gimlet produce shows you love.

Yes, we ship t-shirts internationally, to most countries. Please just allow an additional 2-3 weeks for delivery. There are some places we don’t ship: here’s a list.

Please email with your move date and your two addresses (old and new). We’ll make a note for our t-shirt fulfillment center, so that your t-shirt arrives at the right location.

Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery of your t-shirt. Because we’re a startup, and t-shirts are not our primary focus, we’re slower at fulfillment than Amazon. But if you’ve patiently waited that 12 weeks and your t-shirt still hasn’t arrived, email us at, and we’ll track down what’s happened.

Sorry, but currently the only Gimlet swag we have are the t-shirts. If you don’t want a t-shirt, you can simply choose not to fill out the order form in the members portal after you sign in. Alternatively, you can gift the t-shirt to a friend.



Every time we post members-only content, we’ll email you a link, so don’t worry about missing anything. You can also find member content by clicking the sign in button on We expect to post pre-release shows and other content every few months.

No. The pre-release pilots are available for download and streaming on the membership section of our website. It’s mobile friendly.

However, at the moment, they are not available as an RSS feed, so can’t be directly plugged into your podcast app.

No, our podcasts will continue to have ads.



Email, and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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Hello Interns!

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