Motherhood Sessions Member Preview

April 10, 2019

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Gimet's newest show—Motherhood Sessions— launches tomorrow, April 11th. We are so excited to give our members a sneak peek of the first episode "Coparenting With Your Ex."

In this episode we hear from Zoe, who is recently separated from the father of her two-year-old son and feels stuck. She’s struggling to get past the anger she feels toward her ex and her shame about being a single mom.

More about Motherhood Sessions:

Being a mom is hard. Everybody knows that. But we usually hear about sleepless nights and diaper changes, not the profound identity shift that accompanies becoming a mother. Motherhood is a psychological big bang. And yet it’s rare to find emotionally honest conversations about it. 

On Gimlet Media’s Motherhood Sessions, Dr. Alexandra Sacks, a renowned reproductive psychiatrist, sits down with mothers and lets us listen in on conversations that are hard to have outside of a therapist’s office. Each episode features a woman struggling with some problem or question—from career uncertainty to sex to ambivalence about even being a mother—and she and Dr. Sacks work it through together.