Science Vs and StartUp are all coming back to your ears

February 28, 2017

Two Gimlet favorites are returning this spring, but with a few new twists. First-up: Science Vs is back on Thursday, March 9. This season we’re exploring ghosts, immigration, nuclear power, and more. Science Vs will also host a live show in Brooklyn on Thursday, March 23rd at The Bell House —  tickets are on sale now.

Then, StartUp returns for its fifth season on Friday, April 14. This season Lisa Chow and team explore different stories and companies in each episode, returning to an episodic format for a varied and diverse take on what it’s really like to start a business.

The nitty gritty details:

Science Vs Season 2 (Returns Thursday, March 9)

Science Vs is the show that pits facts against fads. This season we’ll be tackling immigration - do immigrants take American jobs and drive up the crime rate? We find out whether we are really heading for the (climate change) apocalypse. We meet internet celebrity Dr. Pimple Popper for our episode on acne. Investigate scientific explanations for ghosts. Test our colleagues’ poo to find out what artificial sweeteners are doing to our bodies. And learn how worried you should really be about GMO and nuclear power.  

We’ve read the studies. We’ve done our homework.. And now it’s time for facts. There is no alternative.

Science Vs, hosted by Wendy Zukerman, will be back in your ears on Thursday, March 9 at 3PM.

Science Vs Live! (Thursday, March 23 at The Bell House, Brooklyn)

Science Vs is coming to the stage for the first time in Brooklyn — right around the corner from Gimlet Media HQ at The Bell House on Thursday, March 23rd. In this live staging of the show, host Wendy Zukerman and senior producer Kaitlyn Sawrey will tackle the show’s most contentious subject yet: our favorite treats. 

Are coffee, red wine and chocolate really good for us or are they making us fat and unwell? When it comes to our diets, there are lots of opinions—and then, there’s science.

Join us for Science Vs Live on Thursday, March 23 at The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Tickets on sale now.

StartUp (Returns Friday, April 14)

StartUp, Gimlet’s first podcast that originally chronicled the company’s founding, is back for a fifth season, returning Friday, April 14. This season StartUp goes back to an episodic format and each week brings different stories about what it’s really like to start a business. 

Before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others there was something else: Friendster. StartUp documents the rise and fall of the original social network. Also this season, we’ll follow the man behind one of the most popular toys from the 1990s as he tries to break through with another invention. Can he spark a fad that catches on with millions of kids — or can he at least make something good enough to get himself out of debt? Plus, Gimlet Media co-founder and CEO Alex Blumberg returns for a Gimlet update, answering listener questions.

That and much more when StartUp, hosted by Lisa Chow, returns for its fifth, 10-episode season on Friday, April 14.

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