StartUp Searching for Season 7

October 13, 2017

StartUp tells the kind of business stories you don’t usually get to hear: in-depth and intimate profiles of people embarking on something big, daunting, and new; stories about people taking chances. For our next season, we’re going to tell one story over the course of several episodes. And we’re looking for a Bay Area entrepreneur to focus on.

We interpret “entrepreneur” broadly — it might be a company, a political movement, a controversial art project, or an ambitious nonprofit.

Some key things we’re looking for:

  • a thoughtful, emotionally honest talker
  • a good storyteller
  • a project that’s interesting in its own right
  • a project with momentum and some pivotal moments (investor meetings, product prototypes, barn raisings, etc.) likely to take place over the next six months
  • a project that's located in the Bay Area

We’re looking for offbeat characters, people who come from unusual backgrounds, people who have struggled with an uncommon amount of failure or obstacles, people chasing a dream.

If you have ideas, please email them to with “Season 7” in the subject line.