The Future of Mystery Show

October 6, 2016

Mystery Show, the Gimlet Media podcast created and hosted by Starlee Kine, expanded the notion of what a podcast could be. Each episode, Starlee solves a mystery that has been bedeviling someone for years. But Starlee knows what any true fan of mystery knows: the solution isn’t the point of the mystery, it’s the journey to the solution where all the delight is to be found. Gimlet is incredibly proud of Mystery Show — it was voted the #1 podcast of 2015 by iTunes and garnered widespread critical acclaim. Without a doubt, Starlee is one of podcasting’s brightest talents.

Mystery Show is an ambitious production and Starlee has an uncompromising vision for the show, which is what makes it so great. However, these factors combined make Mystery Show unsustainable to produce and publish on a consistent basis, and therefore Gimlet will no longer produce new episodes of Mystery Show. We are in discussions with Starlee to reach an agreement where she may produce Mystery Show independently of Gimlet.