Where to get started with Gimlet Media

November 21, 2016

Knowing where to start with a new show can be overwhelming, let alone an entirely new network of podcasts. We've gathered suggestions from our Gimlet staff and Gimlet members (learn more about that here) for where you might want to begin. Pick your mood and start exploring. We hope you find something you love!

I want something funny: Heavyweight - Gregor

I want something trippy: Reply All - Shine on You Crazy Goldman

I want something musical and newsy: Undone - Disco Demolition Night

I want something mysterious: Homecoming - MANDATORY

I want to listen to something with my kids: Surprisingly Awesome -Broccoli

I want to have my mind changed about vermin: Surprisingly Awesome -Pigeons

I want to be titillated: Science Vs. - G-spot

I want cops and robbers: Crimetown - Divine Providence

I want intrigue: Reply All - On the Inside

I want to build my business: Open for Business How to Hire, a show from eBay and Gimlet Creative

I want to watch someone else try to build a business: StartUp Season One

I want to be sad: Reply All - The Cathedral

I want to be sad but also happy but also sad: Heavyweight - Buzz

I want to question the world as I know it: Reply All - Zardulu

I want to rock out: Surprisingly Awesome - Tubthumping

I want to be hypnotized: Science Vs. - Hypnosis

I want to be uplifted: StartUp - Happy Ending