Searching for the next StartUp

StartUp tells the kind of business stories you don’t usually get to hear — in-depth and intimate stories about people embarking on something big, daunting, and new. Stories where people are taking chances.

Our first two seasons focused on companies that fit the more typical definition of the term “startup” — companies aiming for rapid growth. We’ve branched out since then, covering different types of companies at different stages of development. Now, we’re searching for story ideas for our next season.

Our favorite stories are built around entrepreneurs who are thoughtful, dynamic, and honest about their own strengths and weaknesses. We try to capture businesses going through an inflection point of some sort — a launch, a major reworking, a crisis. And we engage in deep reporting; we spend a lot of time documenting the life of the business and the people involved in it.

Beyond that, we’re open to all different sorts of ideas. If you have one for us, send them to us at Please make the subject line “Next StartUp”

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