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Casting Call

A podcast about what it takes to make the next great podcast host. A series from Squarespace and Gimlet Creative.


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This is an open (pod)casting call for the next great podcast host. Casting Call is like a Hollywood singing competition, but for people who are pros at audio interviews and non-fiction storytelling. On the show, an esteemed panel of judges will join host Jonathan Goldstein to vet submissions from aspiring podcast hosts across the country, and select three finalists to travel to Gimlet HQ to make a pilot of their show. One talented hopeful will have their pilot turned into a mini-series, produced by Gimlet, and maybe even get a Squarespace sponsorship of their own — the pinnacle of podcast fame. All of the glory and the drama of the competition will be documented for listeners to hear. Expect a behind-the-scenes look at the weird and wonderful world of podcasting. You’ll learn what makes a good host and how entertaining shows get made when Casting Call officially launches in September.

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