Make Tooth Time Easy

A fun-filled twice-daily podcast to keep kids brushing.



Chad Chenail

Chad is the Chompers Intern, and excitedly brushes his teeth twice daily. Before entering the world of audio, he's worked as a theatre director, teacher, and designer, and loves helping other people tell stories.

Jonathon Roberts


Jonathon Roberts is an audio engineer on Chompers. He is also a composer, dad, and creator of the ComposerDad podcast. He and his kids love music, adventures, and listening to fun facts while they brush their teeth. 

Marcus Bagalà


Marcus is an engineer and composer at Gimlet. Previously Marcus has written music for This American Life, Showtime’s The Affair and notably he co-scored the documentary film Fathers of Football with The Flaming Lips.

Mathilde Urfalino


Mathilde is an Associate Producer on Chompers. Which means she turns fun facts and sound effects into a two-minute long toothbrushing show for kids. Before joining Gimlet she was on the producing team of podcasts Criminal and This is Love in Durham, North Carolina. And before that, she dreamed of making podcasts in the US from Paris, France - while brushing her teeth.

Zac Schmidt

Zac is Gimlet's Engineering Lead. Previously he was the Audio Production Lead for Gimlet Creative. Before joining Gimlet he worked in Audio Post Production at Chicago Recording Company.