December 13, 2018

#23 Alex

by Heavyweight

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16 years ago, Gimlet Media CEO and founder Alex Blumberg made a promise that he didn’t keep. And it’s been eating at him ever since. In this season finale, Jonathan sets out to clean up his boss’s mess.

Heavyweight is hosted and produced by Jonathan Goldstein.
This episode was also produced by Peter Bresnan, Kalila Holt, and Stevie Lane.
Editing by Jorge Just, with additional editing by Alex Blumberg.
Special thanks to Emily Condon, Lynn Levy, Kimmie Regler, Amanda Melhuish, Mia Bloomfield, Phoebe Flanigan, Jasmine Romero, Matthew Boll, and Jackie Cohen.
The show was mixed by Bobby Lord. 
Music by Christine Fellows, Michael Hearst, Blue Dot Sessions, Y La Bamba, and Bobby Lord. Our theme song is by The Weakerthans courtesy of Epitaph Records, and our ad music is by Haley Shaw.

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