November 18, 2021

#40 Barbara Shutt

by Heavyweight

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In 1968, Jonathan’s mother-in-law Becky spent one of the best summers of her life with a woman named Barbara. But then they never spoke again. Now, over fifty years later, Becky learns something about Barbara that makes her question whether she ever really knew her at all.


Heavyweight is hosted and produced by Jonathan Goldstein.

This episode was produced by Stevie Lane, along with Mohini Madgavkar. The senior producer is Kalila Holt.

Special thanks to Emily Condon, Alex Blumberg, Brendan Klinkenberg, Mitch Hansen, Phia Bennin, Justin McGoldrick, JT Townsend, Rachel Strom, Mark Barlett, Jason Alexander at the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, and Jackie Cohen.

The show was mixed by Bobby Lord. 

Music by Christine Fellows, John K Samson, Blue Dot Sessions, Hew Time, Lullatone, Shanghai Restoration Project, and Bobby Lord. Our theme song is by The Weakerthans courtesy of Epitaph Records.

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