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Jonathan Goldstein goes back to the moment everything changed.

New episodes October 2023.


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Jonathan Goldstein


Jonathan Goldstein did a show on CBC Radio. He does stories on This American Life. He wrote a few books and some magazine articles. His new show is called Heavyweight.
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Kalila Holt


Kalila Holt is Heavyweight's senior producer. She’s from Chicago, Illinois and a graduate of Oberlin College. Whenever Kalila Holt makes a salad, people say, “Wow, that salad looks great.”

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Mona Madgavkar

Mona is a Producer at Heavyweight. She's originally from Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. She is also a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop, and previously interned at Reply All. She has very strong opinions about curly hair products.

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Phoebe Flanigan


Phoebe produces podcasts at Gimlet. Previously she made things for Oregon Public Broadcasting, 99% Invisible, NPR, the Outside Magazine podcast, and The New York Times.

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Stevie Lane


Stevie is the Supervising Producer at Heavyweight. She graduated from Bowdoin College, where she studied Political Philosophy and English and co-hosted a radio show. When she's not in the recording studio, she's most likely in the metalworking studio. If you have an hour to kill, ask her about hammers.