June 23, 2022

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Helps You Find Your Climate Superpower

by How to Save a Planet

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It’s a question we get all the time: “What can I do to address the climate crisis?” This week, our one and only original co-host, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, pays us a visit and offers her advice on how to find your place in the climate movement. We’re sharing her TED Talk, “How to find joy in climate action,” given this spring at TED2022 in Vancouver. Plus, Alex and Ayana catch up, and we hear all about what Ayana has been up to since she left the show. Hint: She did always say policy is her love language!

Guest: Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Calls to Action:

  • Make your own climate action Venn diagram! Trying to figure out what you can do to address climate change? Ask yourself: What are you good at? What is the work that needs doing? And what brings you joy? “This is an invitation,” Ayana says. “Find your role, if you haven't already… Averting climate catastrophe: this is the work of our lifetimes.”
  • Need inspiration? Check out climatevenn.info for simple instructions, a template, and examples of climate action Venn diagrams other people have made. 
  • When you’re done – tell us about it! Post your Venn diagram to Instagram and tag Ayana at @ClimateVenn – plus tag us at @how2saveaplanet. We’ll be reposting examples listeners share with us!
  • Have you used a climate action Venn diagram to inspire your own climate work? Tell us about it! Send us a voice memo via our Listener Mail Form. We might use it in a future episode!

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Special thanks to TED2022 for sharing this talk with us!

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