October 6, 2022

Should We Mine the Deep-Sea?

by How to Save a Planet

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In the coming years, we'll need millions of batteries: batteries to store renewable electricity and power a massive fleet of electric vehicles. But those batteries will require certain metals, and those metals have to be mined. And the mining industry can be a mess, sometimes associated with deforestation, child labor, and deadly floods of toxic waste. Is there a better way? Today we journey to the bottom of the ocean to find out. Along the way, we discover a massive government conspiracy and meet an adorable octopus.

Calls to Action:

Keep up to date on deep-sea mining news with the Deep-Sea Mining Observer.

Learn more about calls for a moratorium on deep-sea mining with the Deep-Sea Mining Science Statement.

Check out the Ocean Forum's Ocean Justice Platform (shout-out to our former co-host, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson!)

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