April 20, 2017

#12 Who You Are, Not What You Sell

by Open for Business

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Every company knows what they sell. What’s harder to define sometimes is why? What motivates you beyond...money?  A great mission captures that reason behind why your business exists today. But it also leaves room for your company to aspire for more in the future. It can guide every single decision you make - whether you’re a business of one or one-thousand. In this episode we hear two very different businesses who have figured out how to present their company to the world and one that’s just starting out.

This episode features:
Andrew Linderman - founder of The Story Source
David Malott  - co-founder of Space Factory
David Riedel - co-founder of Space Factory
Michael Bently - co-founder of Space Factory
Tanya Moss - owner and founder of Tanya Moss jewelry
Stephanie Shore - Chief Marketing Officer of Moo

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