We're Calling You

Reply All

We want to connect with you. We're working on a more robust phone system to take your calls, but until we do, we're going to be calling you. So, if you want PJ and Alex to call you, send us an email at replyall@gimletmedia.com and let us know a little bit about what's going on.


Also, if you have questions about coronavirus you’d like us to get answers to for you, here’s a link where you can ask. - http://sli.do, event code U465

Please email us to let us know how you are coping. We want to hear about the fight you are having with your roommate or the person you were going to break up with and now can’t or your grandmother who insists on going to the opera. We want to hear how it’s going where you are.

We are going to be trying a lot of different things, so please check back to this page regularly. We will also be posting updates via social media.