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Reply All offers three internship opportunities each year -- spring (Jan-May), summer (May-Sept) and fall (Sept-Jan). The internship is a paid, full-time role based in our Brooklyn offices.

We are currently accepting applications for both the fall 2019 and spring 2020 internships. The posting will close at 9AM on Monday, June 10th. Click here to submit an application:

More about the internships

Here’s what we’re looking for: someone who is ready to work a lot. Someone who likes thinking about what makes stories interesting, and how to reorganize them to make them better. You should like collaborating. If you have experience with podcasting, digital audio editing, or radio journalism, that’s great too!

You will be an essential part of the Reply All team.

What You’ll Do

  • Transcribe a LOT of interviews
  • Upload countless files
  • Email total strangers
  • Pitch stories
  • Participate in group edits
  • Book guests
  • Dig up facts
  • Help us make the best stories we can

What You Have

  • A love of collaboration
  • An ability to manage multiple projects
  • A determination to find the fact, book the guest, or get the answer
  • A desire to tell make great stories