September 22, 2022

The Fight to Fix a Racist Medical Gadget

by Science Vs

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The EEG is an incredibly important medical tool — and it’s been failing Black patients for decades. So today we’ll hear from two young, Black scientists who teamed up with hairdressers to do something about it. We speak to neurologist Dr. Jessie Baity, engineer Arnelle Etienne, biomedical scientist Lietsel Jones, and hairstylist Nina Woodley. 

Link to our transcript: 

This episode was produced by Taylor White, Meryl Horn and Wendy Zukerman, with help from Rose Rimler, Michelle Dang, Ekedi Fausther-Keeys, Courtney Gilbert, and Disha Bhagat. We’re edited by Blythe Terrell. Wendy Zukerman is the Executive Producer. Fact checking by Eva Dasher and Disha Bhagat. Mix and sound design by Catherine Anderson. Music written by Bumi Hidaka, Emma Munger, Bobby Lord, Peter Leonard and SoWylie. Thanks to the scientists we spoke to for this episode, including Dr. Christina Patterson, Dr. Pulkit Grover, Dr. Katherine Stavropoulos, Dr. Shannon Burns, Dr. Achuta Kadambi, Dr. Lauren Whitehurst, Dr. Zeniab Kone, Dr. Symon Kariuki, Nwabisa Mlandu, Carla Bailey, De-Shaine Murray, Dr. Jasmine Kwasa, Prof. William Matuja, Dr. Marieke Dekker, and all the researchers at Black in Neuro. Also thanks to everyone who talked to us about their EEG experiences. Special thanks to Ashwati Krishnan, Tarana Laroia, Evangeline Mensah-Agyekum, Bethel Habte, Brendan Klinkenberg and Rosie Guerin.