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Science Vs takes on fads, trends, and the opinionated mob to find out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between.


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Blythe Terrell


Blythe is an editor at Gimlet. She was previously senior editor for science and health at FiveThirtyEight.
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Bobby Lord


Bobby is a senior audio engineer/composer at Gimlet. Before joining Gimlet he did music production/composition for various clients, post mixing/sound design for various ad/creative agencies, and toured as a musician.

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Emma Munger


Emma is an Audio Engineer and Composer. Before coming to Gimlet, she was a music producer at the Erroll Garner Jazz Project and an instructor at the Brooklyn Guitar School.

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Joel Werner


Joel Werner is the Supervising Producer at Science Vs. Joel is an award winning science journalist and audio producer who previously created a number of critically acclaimed series for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), including No Feeling Is Final, Patient Zero, and What The Duck?!. In the mid twenty-teens Joel lived and worked in NYC, where he told stories for some of your favourite podcasts, like 99% Invisible. Joel is internationally recognized for his dishwasher stacking skills, and runs Masterclass events on the craft in his spare time. 

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Meryl Horn

Meryl is a Senior Producer at Science Vs. Before coming to Gimlet, she got her PhD in neuroscience at UCSF, where she also led a student-run science podcast.

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Michelle Dang


Michelle is an Associate Producer at Science Vs. Before osmosing into the audio world, she studied biology — and is also a nerd for pretty graphs, visuals and experiential learning.

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Peter Leonard


Peter is an Audio Engineer and proud Hufflepuff at Gimlet. Previously, he worked at Vox, where he produced podcasts like The Weeds and mixed audio for Vox videos. You can also find him playing bass and synthesizer in his band, Sunbathers.

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Rose Rimler


Rose is a Producer at Science Vs. She got her MS in marine biology researching baby oysters no bigger than a grain of sand. So far, the best question she's posed as a science journalist was: "Have you ever considered putting deodorant on a chimpanzee?" 

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Wendy Zukerman


Wendy is the host and executive producer of Science Vs. Previously, she worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where she originally created Science Vs.