January 11, 2018

8. How Do You Play Day/Samantha

by Story Pirates

Background show artwork for Story Pirates

In episode 8, the Story Pirates realize that their beloved ship is missing a crucial feature, and call upon their listeners for help.

This week’s episode features two new stories: “How Do You Play Day,” the first of our make-up-your-own-holiday stories, written by a third grader from Maryland named Alex, and “Samantha,” a charming chamber pop tune about a brave monster on a quest to become human, written by a third grader from Texas named Tierney.


Do YOU have a name for the Story Pirates’ Ship? Submit your child’s suggestions on social media using #NametheStoryPiratesShip and we might pick YOUR name!

We are now taking story submissions! Visit StoryPirates.com/Podcast to submit your child’s story, visit our merchandise store, and learn about our education initiatives!

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