March 8, 2018

15. The Chess Master/The Amazing Rake (feat. The Gregory Brothers)

by Story Pirates

Background show artwork for Story Pirates

Lee introduces Shipcoin, the first ever Shipto-currency, to the gang; but not everyone is thrilled with the new economy on board. This week’s episode features two new stories: “The Chess Master,” a special song in collaboration with The Gregory Brothers (Songify The News) about a boy who plays chess even when the air conditioning isn’t working, written by 2nd grader from Tennessee named Luke, and “The Amazing Rake,” the tale of a two raking enthusiasts that compete in the world’s most intense raking game show, by a 5th grader from Germany named Colton.

The Story Pirates book is available NOW! It's called Stuck in the Stone Age, written by NY Times bestselling author Geoff Rodkey, and based on an idea by Vince Boberski, age 11! Stuck In The Stone Age also has a special section called the Story Creation Zone that's all about helping kids write their OWN stories! Find it wherever books are sold!

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