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When you see "Mom" in your missed calls, do you start to sweat? Does a voicemail that starts "Hi, sweetie, it's me, so sorry to bother you..." make you twitch? You're not alone. Whether you have a great relationship with your mom or a predominantly shouting-based one, calls between moms and their kids are complicated. And on this episode, we hear from friends, colleagues, and listeners about how they navigate their mom calls.

And, we want to hear from you! We are planning an episode about being horny. We’re interested in are the unexpected triggers: you know, the things that you personally are horny for that no one else gets. Whether that’s exposed ankles, pinkie rings, or bike messengers with their little hats, leave us a message at (920) 368-3341, and tell us what’s got you horned up in spring 2019. 

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