June 7, 2022

Introducing: Hack Me If You Can

by The Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter Bob McMillian has spent years trying to find a Russian hacker who would tell him their story. And then, he met Dmitry Smilyanets, the man who managed one of the most notorious hacking teams to come out of Russia. 

Dmitry’s story is the story of how a generation of hackers grew up in Russia. It follows the dramatic game of cat and mouse that America plays trying to catch cyber criminals like Dmitry. And in Dmitry’s case, it ends with him facing a choice: go to prison for decades, or help the U.S. government stop hackers like himself. 

This is a new series from the Journal - Hack Me If You Can – the story of a Russian cyber criminal who went to the other side. All episodes out June 10th. 

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