December 4, 2017

The Hairstons Part 1: Snakes on a Plantation

by The Nod

Background show artwork for The Nod
At a plantation in the South, descendants of enslaved people and slave owners stayed together as family, entangled by namesake and blood, long after the end of slavery. Eric tells the story of one woman who broke away.


The Nod is produced by Eric Eddings, with Brittany Luse, Kate Parkinson-Morgan, and Emanuele Berry. With production assistance from Wallace Mack. Our senior producer is Sarah Abdurrahman. We are edited by Annie-Rose Strasser. With editing help this week from Alex Blumberg, Catherine St. Louis and Emily Ulbritcht. Fact checking by Nicole Pasulka. Engineering from Cedric Wilson. Our theme music is by Calid B. Additional music in the show from Tyler Strickland, Bobby Lord, Golden Gram and Jupyter. Additional sound elements from Finnolia productions