September 17, 2018

Saving Grace

by The Nod

Background show artwork for The Nod

Autumn loves to play The Sims. The life simulation game gives the 15-year-old an escape from her difficult home life. But after something terrible happens, the line between the game and real life starts to blur. Producer Wallace Mack brings us this week’s story on the journey to find peace amid tragedy.


Arp 2 (Instrumental) by Grapefruit

The Size of Grace (Instrumental) by Beautiful Eulogy

Wander (Instrumental) by James Apollo

Groove (Instrumental) by James Gardin

Emotional Flood (Instrumental) by Sareem Poems

Who (Instrumental) by Drae Slapz

Scenic Forests (Instrumental) by Weldon Kelly

Over You (Instrumental) by Drae Slapz

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