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Gimlet is providing free mentorship for BIPOC podcast creators. Learn more and apply below.

At Gimlet, we believe in creating a platform for underrepresented voices.

In order to elevate diverse voices in podcasting and audio, and as part of a broader commitment to diversity in the audio space, we are offering free informational and training sessions for creators who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

The Gimlet mentorship program is intended to provide more than one-off consultation. We intend to build long-term, relationships and guidance between working professionals and those seeking to advance in the field.

Our relationship with mentees is for the sole benefit of the mentee and not for Gimlet. No work will be done by mentees on the behalf of Gimlet.

Application Process

  • Applications open on August 10th
  • The deadline to apply is August 28th
  • We are offering mentorship to 15 applicants. Applicants will be chosen randomly
  • The first mentorship cycle will last from September through December 31st (we’ll reopen for the next cycle of applications in January of 2021)
  • Mentors will be available for at least one hour of one-on-one meetings per month

Gimlet mentors currently offer:

  • General Informational Sessions
  • Resume Review
  • Pitch Feedback
  • Story Structure Assistance
  • Reporting/Production Advice
  • Sound Design/Mixing

Applications closed for the 2020 session.