Now Boarding: Gimlet’s StartupBus

December 7, 2017

StartUpGimlet’s first podcast that originally chronicled the company’s founding, is back for a special five part miniseries that tells one story, over five days, as it happened, in real time. Join reporter Eric Mennel as he boards a bus in New York City with 20 entrepreneurs, all strangers selected from around the country to ride on one bus, work together and build companies from scratch in just a week. Welcome to the StartupBus, which will be dropping one episode a day for five days straight starting Monday December 11.

Once aboard the bus, the entrepreneurs team up to build their companies. They have three days on the bus to get these companies off the ground, while en route to an end-of-week pitch competition in New Orleans. After 1,300 plus miles, 10 states, and very, very little sleep, just one company will emerge victorious. Join us as StartUp documents the successes and struggles of three of these companies in a competition that pushes people to their physical and emotional limits. We find out what it’s really like to start a business (with 20 strangers, in the close quarters of a chartered coach barrelling towards New Orleans).

StartupBus, a five-part StartUp miniseries, premieres new episodes Monday to Friday starting December 11. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen and follow us @PodcastStartUp and @GimletMedia.