October 25, 2022

S1 Ep10: “Patient Zero”

by Case 63

Background show artwork for Case 63

Final session. In an airport, the meeting of all possibilities and all possible universes. But what happens when the future is not exactly what they expected it to be?

Case 63, created and written by Julio Rojas. Adapted by Mara Vélez Meléndez. Directed by Mimi O’Donnell. Starring Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac, Alfredo Narciso, and Zoe Winters. 

Executive produced by Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac, and Mimi O’Donnell. Produced by Katie Pastore. Associate producers Julie Balefsky and Kayla Stokes. Sound design & mix by Armando Serrano and Daniel Brunelle. Additional engineering by Jonathon Roberts, Shane Hendrickson, and Steven Tejeda. Recorded at Harbor Picture Company by Mike Rivera and Beau Emory. Sound supervision by Jonathon Roberts. Score by Mowat. Special thanks to Dawn Ostroff. 

Case 63 is a Spotify original audio series and a Gimlet production.

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