December 15, 2022

Animal Week Night Song (12-15-2022)

by Chompers

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Do bees even sleep?! Find out on tonight's Chompers, when we SING about bee bedtimes.

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>> Rachel: Welcome back to Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show! Tonight we have another SONG for you!  It’s important for you to listen for the bell that tells you to switch sides! 


Start on one side of the top of your mouth, and make circles with your brush! 

Ready to get started?






>> Rachel: This morning we learned that bees communicate by dancing, and all that dancing must make them tired... (SFX yahn?)  But have you ever seen a bee sleeping? (SFX light SNORING?) Do bees even sleep? 

We’re going to find out if bees sleep, right after you switch sides. (SFX SWITCH) Make sure you brush the front, back and chewing side of each tooth. 

What’s the deal with bees?

What’s the story with them?

Are the bees just like us

Do they sleep?

Do bees jump into bed with all their bee toys and bee blankets

Do they snuggle up at bee bedtime or do they stay up late?

Do they read a story, or do they have a slumber party?

If they aren’t feeling sleepy do they drink a glass of honey?

Do they stretch and yawn and nod?

Here’s the answer: yes!

Certain bees do sleep

At night they lay their heads down

Falling over tired

Just like us!

Snuggled in the hive

Antennae still and drooping

The bees put down their heads

And go to sleep!

The bees jump into bed with all their bee toys and bee blankets

Then they snuggle up at bee bedtime or try to stay up late!

The bees get read a story and they have a slumber party

Then they pull up all the covers and they think about their day

Then they stretch and then they yawn (SFX yawn)

Off to sleep they go

Cause bees are are just like us: Bees sleep too!

Alright, time to make like a bee and jump into bed! 

Catch you tomorrow for a fresh episode of Chompers.

Sweet dreams, and of course, 

>>Kids: three, two, one, spit!