November 24, 2021

Space Week Morning Riddles (11-24-2021)

by Chompers

Background show artwork for Chompers

What do you use to see distant places? Figure it out on today's space riddles!

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>> Rachel: Good Morning! It’s time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show.

Start on the top of your mouth and pick a side -- make sure to reach all the way back to your molars! 

>> KIDS: 3,2,1 brush!

(SFX Spaceship)

>> Rachel: It’s SPACE week on Chompers.  Time to put on your thinking space helmet because we’ve got RIDDLES for you to solve!

>> KID: YA!

>> Rachel: Here we go!

I am the closest star to earth

And bring the day and night 

Planets circle around me 

And plants grow in my light 

What am I?

>> KIDS: The Sun!

>> Rachel: The sun! The sun is a star, just like the ones that twinkle in the night sky. The sun is ALSO the center of our solar system, and it’s what gives light and warmth to our planet!    

Switch your brushing to the other side of the top of your mouth (SWITCH) but don’t brush too hard. 

Here’s another riddle: 

I’m the third planet from the sun

Full of animals, people and trees

And when you look at me from space

A pale blue dot is what you see  

What am I? 

>> KIDS: The Earth!


>> Rachel: Switch your brushing to the bottom of your mouth (SWITCH SFX) , and make sure you brush the inside, outside and chewing side of each tooth.

Earth is our home planet and a YEAR is how long it takes the EARTH to go around the sun.  So because Earth takes 365 days to circle the sun, a year on Earth is 365 days!



>> Rachel: Switch your brushing to the bottom of your mouth (SWITCH SFX) and don’t forget your front teeth

You’re almost done brushing today, but before you go, here’s one more riddle: 

When the sky is dark and starry 

And you want to look at space

You gaze into my lenses

To see a distant place.

What am I?

Find out tonight when you come back for Chompers. Great job brushing, make sure to rinse your mouth and don’t forget to