March 5, 2023

Heroines Week Truganini (3-5-2023)

by Chompers

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Today we're learning about Truganini, who helped save her people and fought to keep their stories alive.

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It’s Heroines Week, and today we’re talking about a courageous woman from a place called Tasmania, whose name was Truganini. 

Tazmania is an island, near Australia.  There’s a group of people there called the Palawa people. The Palawa were the first people to live on that island, and Truganini was one of the Palawa People.  

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>> Rachel: Truga nini was the daughter of a leader, and loved living on their island and being with her people. But when she was young, their island was attacked by invaders, who wanted to take their land and be in charge. The invaders wanted to destroy the Palawa  Truganini knew she had to do something to help her people

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>> Rachel: Truganini discovered that one of the invaders wanted to switch sides. His name was George Robinson, and he thought what they were doing was wrong. He wanted to help the Palala people. Together, George and Truganini made a plan and moved the Palawa people to another nearby island, where they could be safer.


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>> Rachel: Truganini’s bravery helped save many lives. Today, there are thousands of Palawa people living in and around Tasmania, and the Palawa language is still spoken. Because of Truganini’s courage in the face of great danger and her work to save her people, Truganini is today’s Chompers Heroine. 

That’s it for Chompers today, but come back tonight to hear of more fearless females from history. Until then, 

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