April 1, 2021

Songs Week How Far is a Mile Night (4-1-2021)

by Chompers

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How should Jasmine get to Rachel's birthday party? What better way to find out than in tonight's Chompers song!

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Hey guys! It’s time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show! 


Start on the top of your mouth, and make circles with your brush! Make sure to brush all around each tooth.





It’s Songs Week and Today our song is about MEASUREMENTS for DISTANCE.  When you’re going somewhere, you want to know how far away it is. Because if it’s really close, you’ll just walk. If it’s not so far, you’ll drive .. and if it’s across an ocean, you’ll take a plane, or a ship. 

We use MEASUREMENTS to tell us how far away something is … and that’s what we’re singing about today.

But while we’re jamming, it is important for you to listen for the bells, that tells you to switch sides!

So, switch to the other side of the top of your mouth and make sure to brush those front teeth too.

RACHEL: Hey Jasmine, are you coming to my birthday party this weekend?

JASMINE: I am! I’ll see you there!

RACHEL: Are you walking or driving?

JASMINE: Well it depends on how far it is!

RACHEL: It’s a mile from your house.

JASMINE: How far is a mile?

RACHEL: A mile is 1 point 6 kilometers.

JASMINE: Well how far is a kilometer?

RACHEL: A kilometer is a thousand meters.

JASMINE: But how far’s a meter?

RACHEL: A meter is 3.3 feet!

JASMINE: But how big’s a foot?

RACHEL: A foot is 12 inches!

JASMINE: But how big’s an inch?

RACHEL: An inch is like … the same size as a quarter.

JASMINE: By a quarter, you mean a coin? Like twenty five cents?


JASMINE: So a foot is like if you put 12 quarters next to each other?


JASMINE: And four quarters is one dollar …

RACHEL: Yeah, that’s true.

JASMINE: So if you add up all that money, it means a foot is three dollars long!

RACHEL: Yeah! I guess you could say that!

JASMINE: So I’m just doing the math here in my head ………………………….

 that means, a KILOMETER is … like if you lined up 39 thousand three hundred and seventy quarters?!

RACHEL: Yes, that is correct.

JASMINE: So, a kilometer is NINE THOUSAND! Eight hundred forty two DOLLARS! -- and 50 cents?

RACHEL: I mean technically yes ..

JASMINE: So then a MILE is like if you lined up 63 thousand 3 hundred and 60 quarters?!?

RACHEL: Yes, that’s true!

JASMINE: So a MILE is 15 thousand eight hundred and forty dollars!

RACHEL: Yeah … I guess you could look at it that way … I mean, that’s not really the point … my question was, are you going to walk or drive to my birthday party?

JASMINE: Well if it’s 15 thousand eight hundred and forty dollars …

RACHEL: -- it’s a mile

JASMINE: I think I’ll ride my bike.

HMPHH.  That’s all for Chompers today … but don’t keep your distance. Come back tomorrow. And  …