September 22, 2020

Stories Week Walter Part 2 Morning (9-22-2020)

by Chompers

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Walter the White Blood Cell is back to protect the body from an allergy invader! This time he has a new side kick -- Histamine!

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Good morning! It’s time for Chompers! Your morning and night toothbrushing show!  It’s stories week, so today we’re going to play make believe ... and tell you a STORY! Our story takes place INSIDE the body of a kid named Alex!  Alex has woken up feeling really icky -- he can’t stop sneezing!

Before we begin our story, pick a side on the top of your mouth, and start brushing in small circles all the way around each tooth. 

3 2 1  BRUSH!

Alex couldn’t stop sneezing, because it was (SFX DUN DUN DUN) allergy season! ...and Alex had really bad allergies! 


Alex felt so gross.  Having allergies was SO ANNOYING.

And INSIDE of Alex’s body SFX … Walter the White Blood cell was annoyed too! 

Walter is a white blood cell. He works for Alex’s IMMUNE SYSTEM and it was Walter’s job to protect Alex’s body from germs! 

Switch to the other side of the top of your mouth and keep on brushing!

Walter was annoyed because of his new sidekick Histamine.  Here he is now.

HISTAMINE: Hey Walter, watch this!

WALTER: Get down from there! No wait stop!

Histamine helps Walter protect Alex’s body from invaders but sometimes instead of helping, Histamine made things way way way worse!


WALTER: Careful Histamine! That’s the WRONG way to Alex’s nose…

HISTAMINE: Don’t worry boss! I got thi-- OW! (CRASH)

Histamine NEVER listened to Walter.

Switch your brushing to the bottom of your mouth and make sure you’re doing the inside, outside, and chewing side of each tooth.

WALTER: Histamine! Go left, you’re going to make Alex sneeze!

But of course Histamine went right - 

HISTAMINE: Woooooo hoooooo!!!!!! SFX CRASH/SNEEZE

WALTER: That’s why I said to go LEFT Histamine! (SIGH) Our mission is to find what’s causing Alex’s allergies and put a stop to it -- not make things worse!

 Suddenly a noise caught Walter and Histamine’s attention -- it was the invader that was causing Alex’s allergies!

WALTER: Hey, stop right there, by order of the Immune System!

HISTAMINE: Freeze scumbag!

Histamine jumped on the allergy invader, and wrestled it to the ground.

WALTER: Good job Histamine!

Switch your brushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth -- and make sure you brush your front teeth too! 

The allergy invader was captured … but Histamine wasn’t done. He pulled the emergency booger blaster off of his belt.

WALTER: HISTAMINE! What are you doing??!! There’s no need for the booger blaster! It’s all under control!

HISTAMINE: Chill boss! I know what I’m doing!

Histamine fired the booger blaster.

WALTER: Noooooo what have you done!! (SFX GURGLEGURLGEGURGLE)

Alex’s nose began to run … a lot! The booger blaster had made things worse! SFX SNOT NOISES SFX 

Walter was upset. His sidekick was out of control! What was he going to do?

We’ll find out what happens TONIGHT on Chompers.

But before we let you go… 3… 2… 1… spit!