December 13, 2022

Animal Week Night Fun Facts (12-13-2022)

by Chompers

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Tonight, let’s go back under the sea to find out more fun facts about fish with teeth!

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>> Rachel: Hey there! Welcome back to Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show. 

Did you have a great day? Did you find any finned friends with teeth today? They’re kind of tough to find, right?

It’s time for our bedtime brush! Got your toothbrush? (SFX DING) Got a small drop of toothpaste? (SFX DING) Got your teeth? (SFX CHOMP DING) Ok we’re ready to go! 







>> Rachel: Start on the top of your mouth, on one side. Make circles with your brush, and make sure to get all the way to the back of your mouth! 

Let’s go back under the waves to find out more fun facts about fishes with teeth! 

Yesterday we learned about sabertooth tigers, but can you imagine a fish with teeth like that? Well guess what, there is one!

Meet the Payara, a fish with teeth as long as a grown up’s finger. 


Keep brushing! But switch to the other side of the top of your teeth.

The Payara lives in a river called the AMAZON  The payara has long fangs. That’s why it’s sometimes called a sabertooth barracuda or even (SFX THUNDER)… a vampire fish! (LAUGH FX)

But don’t worry! Vampires aren’t real and neither are unicorns….(MAGIC FX, HORSE) or are they?

I’ll tell you in a sec, but first, it’s time to switch to the bottom of your mouth -- pick a side, and keep brushing!

So, here’s the deal. There IS kind of a unicorn in the ocean … it’s called a NARWHAL.

Narwhals live in the cold waters of the arctic (SFX TEETH CHATTER), and they’re called the unicorns of the sea because they have something in common with unicorns . They have one long horn that sticks out in the middle of their forehead! (SFX HORSE WINNIE)  Of course they don’t actually look like a horse -- they look more like a dolphin.

Make a horn with your finger on your forehead! Look you’re a narwhal!

Keep brushing! Switch to the other side of the bottom of your mouth!

A narwhal’s horn isn’t a finger -- and it’s not a horn really -- it’s a TOOTH! It’s the only tooth they grow, and it’s similar to the tusk that you find on an elephant (SFX ELEPHANT TRUMPET)

(SFX YAWN) Whoo! All this brushing is making me sleepy. 

Time to hit the hay. See you tomorrow morning for more Chompers!

Oh and don’t forget to

>>Kids:  three ... two … one … SPIT!