December 14, 2022

Animal Week Night Trivia (12-14-2022)

by Chompers

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Tonight we're exploring the ways animals -- like elephants, snakes and birds -- use their senses!

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>> Rachel: Hey! We’re glad you’re back! It’s time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show.  

It’s Animal Week on Chompers (SFX MONKEY) and today we are talking about animal senses. 

You know, sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch! We’ve got lots more to learn about animals, but first we’ve got to get brushing. 

Start on the top of your mouth, on one side. Make sure to brush the whole tooth. 







>> Rachel: This morning we asked you what a perfume bottle (SFX SPRITZ), a whistle (SFX WHISTLE), and hoola hoop (SFX HOOLAHOOP) had to do with animal senses. And the answer is…..

Each of these items is just like the way that some animals TALK to each other. 

The use smells (SFX SPRITZ), sounds (SFX WHISTLE), and body language (SFX HOOLAHOOP).

Switch to the other side of your mouth (SFX DING).

You’ve seen a dog or cat sniffing around … and lots of animals do that.  White Rhinos take smelling to the extreme … by smelling POO. (SFX EWW)

Yeah, poop. It’s the way that White Rhinos communicate with each other (SFX SPRITZ). White Rhinos use  “dung middens,” or giant piles of poop, to find out what’s new with their friends. 

It’s time to switch your brushing to the bottom of your mouth!  Keep brushing in those little circles!

Ok what about sound?  What if you didn’t need a phone to call somebody in another state? That’s what elephants can do. (SFX ELEPHANT TRUMPET) 

Elephants can make sounds that travel for miles and miles and miles (ECHO SFX), and are so low that humans can’t even hear them 

How about switching your brushing to a new side of your mouth.

Have you heard a crow crow? It sounds like this. (SFX CROW CAW) There’s type of bird that looks very similar to crows … but has a different way of communicating. The bird is called a JACKDAW.

Jackdaws use body language to communicate -- specifically STARING CONTESTS.

Jackdaws have staring contests with other birds.  When another bird comes around, the jackdaw will STARE them away! 

That’s all for Chompers tonight, tune in tomorrow morning for a fresh smile and a fresh episode. And as always, three, two, one SPIT!