December 29, 2022

Bodies Week Morning I Spy (12-29-2022)

by Chompers

Background show artwork for Chompers

It's your job to figure out with BODY part we spy today! 

Where to Listen


>> Rachel: Hey, we’re glad you’re back! It’s time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show. 

Start brushing on the top of your mouth on one side, and make sure to get the inside, outside and chewing side of each tooth. 

>> Kids: 3, 2, 1 Brush! 

>> Rachel: It’s Bodies Week on Chompers, and today we’re playing I Spy! I’ll describe an object that I Spy, and you have to shout out what it is!

OK here we go: I’m in a doctors office, and I see a patient ready for a check up. The doctor is using a tool to look inside of a body part on the side of the patient’s head.This body part is used for hearing, and it also helps you keep your balance.

What body part do I spy? 

Shout it out!

>> KIDS: Ear!

>> Rachel: Switch to the other side of the top of your mouth, and brush in little circles around each tooth. 

See your ear and Give it a wiggle. (SFX WIGGLE) That’s your outer ear. Inside your head is your ear drum (SFX DRUM), And you have an inner ear, which helps keep you balanced.


Switch to the bottom of your mouth, and don’t brush too hard (SFX) .

Here’s your next I-spy: 

Now I see the doctor listening to the patient’s lungs. Lungs are an organ INSIDE of your body.  They help you breath air IN, and OUT (SFX BREATHING). To listen to lungs, the doctor is using a tool that kind of looks like...headphones.

What tool do I Spy? Shout it out! 


>> Kids: Stethoscope!!

>> Rachel: A Stethoscope.

Switch to the other side of the bottom of your mouth (SFX), and give your tongue a brush too! (SFX)

Your lungs are a super important organ in your body. Just like your heart, they never stop working, even when you’re sleeping. (SFX SNORING) You have two lungs, one on the right and one on the left, but they aren't exactly the same. Your left lung is often slightly smaller than the right one, to make room for your heart!  

You did a great job brushing. Come back tonight for more I-spies, and make sure to rinse before you 

>> Kids: 3, 2, 1 spit!