January 29, 2023

Jobs Week Night Story (1-29-2023)

by Chompers

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Does Dev the Detective solve the case of the missing flashlight? Find out tonight on Chompers!

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>> Rachel: Welcome back, it’s time for Chompers your morning and night toothbrushing show. 

Tonight we return to the story of Dev the Detective, and the case of the missing flashlight. Dev thinks he has a SUSPECT -- is the Police Chief the flashlight thief? 

Before we continue - 

Start brushing on the top of your mouth on one side, and make sure to brush the inside, outside and chewing side of each tooth.

>> Kids: 3, 2, 1 - Brush! 

>> Rachel: Dev races to the Police Station. 

DEV: Hiya Chief.

CHIEF: What’d you lose this time, Dev?

DEV: My flashlight is missing! And the last place I saw it was HERE!

CHIEF: Dev, you had it when you left the station yesterday. You were going to the coal mine to investigate the case of the missing hard hats. 

DEV: Wait! Coal miners work underground in the dark! They work with flashlights too!! Maybe one of the coal miners took it!!


>> Rachel: Dev the Detective takes off for the town’s coal mine, to talk to the shift boss.  He’s the boss of the coal miners.

Switch your brushing to the other side of the top of your mouth, and brush your front teeth too!

Dev knocks on the door of the shift boss’s office. SFX

I think by now, you’ve noticed that Dev loses his stuff all the time, so it’s no surprise that the shift boss responds:

BOSS: What’d you lose, Dev?

DEV: I can’t find my flashlight. I’m retracing my steps, going to all the places I went yesterday, and guess what??

BOSS: You were here yesterday afternoon. 


>> Rachel: Switch to the bottom of your mouth, and make sure to you’re brushing your molars all the way in the back (SFX). 


DEV: Coal miners use flashlights -- is someone here the thief?


BOSS: That’s impossible. I saw you put your flashlight in your briefcase when you were leaving the coal mine yesterday. Did you check your briefcase?

DEV: (scoffs) Of course I checked my (SFX: Unlocks Briefcase) - Oh. Would you look at that? I found it! 

>> Rachel: Give your tongue a brush (SFX) and switch you brushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth (SFX).

It turns out Dev the Detective’s missing flashlight wasn’t missing at all! It was in his briefcase THE WHOLE TIME!

Just like that, Dev the Detective was able to help Little Old Lady Hilde find her cat.


DEV: Here you go, Ms. Hilde.  (SFX CAT PUR/MEOW) It looks like your kitty was hiding in the hamper. Again. 

HILDE: (sincere) You’re such a great detective, Dev.

DEV:  (beat)...Hey, where did my briefcase go?? 


That’s it for Chompers tonight. Great job brushing. Come back tomorrow for more Chompers, and don’t forget to…

>>Kids: 3 2 1 Spit!