April 2, 2021

Songs Week It's Already Been Invented Night (4-2-2021)

by Chompers

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Rachel has a lot of great ideas for inventions and wants to tell our friend Kwame the rapper all about them. Listen to tonight's song to find out what Kwame thinks of them!

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Welcome to Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show! 

Let’s brush! Pick a side on the top of your mouth and brush the outside, the inside, and the chewing side of EVERY tooth!


It’s Songs Week. So for our song today, I wanted to share a bunch of my GREAT ideas for inventions with my friend Kwame.  Kwame is a rapper and he’s really cool and I think he’s really gonna like my ideas.

While we’re singing, don’t forget to listen for the SFX -- that’s when you’re supposed to switch your brushing to another part of your mouth.

VERSE - Jagadish Chandra Bose (jog-dish chon-druh bose)

R: Hey Kwame, I just had an amazing idea.

K: Alright.

R: You know how you wanna listen to to music, but you don’t always want to pick out the songs? What if someone else did that, they just pick and you listen … and maybe it comes out of a box or something?

K: Hold up, wait a minute -- you didn’t know? It’s already been invented!

K: The radio - “Jagdish Chandra Bose“ Yeah he did it. -- My favorite songs - in the car, that’s how I listen. (Thanks JCB) - OK let’s get it 

VERSE - Margaret Eloise Knight

R: Ok, so that’s not a good idea.  But what about, you know how when put a bag down, everything spills out of it. What if you made a bag that didn’t do that? Like … it’s flat on the bottom or something?

K: Hold up, wait a minute -- you didn’t know? It’s already been invented!  

K: The flat bottom paper bag - yeah that’s right! - It holds (my) groceries tight -  thanks to Margaret Eloise Knight

VERSE - Chompers

R: Hmm. This isn’t going well. Ok one last idea. What if there was a show you listened to you while you brushed your teeth so you didn’t get bored!

K: Rachel, are you serious?

R: What?

K: Rachel, you literally host that show.  You’re on it right now.  I’m Kwame, I wrote this song.  Marcus wrote the music. Jasmine and Mathilde also helped make the show.  And Zac is here too. 

Z: Hey guys!

R: Oh righhhhhhhhht. It’s called Chompers -- and it’s done for today.  But we’ll be back tonight! You’ve done a great job brushing! Now, it’s time to

GANG: 3 2 1 SPIT.