November 9, 2022

Gross Week Morning Trivia (11-9-2022)

by Chompers

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What animal THROWS UP when it's scared? Find out that, and more, on today's Chompers!

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>> Rachel: Good morning! Get your toothbrushes ready because it’s time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show!

It’s GROSS WEEK on Chompers and we’re talking about the ickiest, the stickiest, and the nastiest stuff … and today it’s about the gross stuff that ANIMALS do.

Start on the top of your mouth on one side, and make sure you’re brushing to the teeth all the way in the back.

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 brush! 

Most people scream when they get scared (SFX SCREAM) but there’s an animal that THROWS UP when it’s scared! (SFX BLERGH) 



Vultures are giant birds.

And when a vulture gets scared it’ll BARF on whatever made it scared! 

Vultures like to eat rotting meat, so imagine a raw piece of steak left out in the sun for a couple of days. (SFX EWWW) That’s a vulture’s idea of a great dinner! 

Switch your brushing to the other side of the top of your mouth. Make sure you’re brushing the inside, outside, and chewing side of each tooth. 

Vultures are SCAVENGERS. That’s a type of animal that eats whatever it can find, 

Vultures will eat A LOT in one meal! A vulture might go several days before finding something to eat . . .  so whenever a vultures finds something good, they eat it ALL! (SFX YUM YUM YUM)

If you ate everything in the fridge, you might barf when you were scared, too! 

Time to switch your brushing to the bottom of your mouth and make small circles all over each tooth.

Because vultures eat food that’s rotten, they’re exposed to a lot of PATHOGENS -- those harmful bacteria that make PEOPLE sick. 

But there’s something special about a vulture’s stomach. It’s full of acid (SFX BUBBLES)

We all have acid in our stomachs, but the acid in a vulture’s stomach is super strong! 

The acid destroys the pathogens.  So the vulture doesn’t get sick when it eats gross stuff!

Switch to the other side of the bottom of your mouth now. Get all the way back to those back teeth!

Vomiting isn’t the only icky thing vultures do! Some vultures also PEE on their own feet! (SFX YUCK)

Vultures live in really hot places. And when a human is hot, they sweat to cool down. But Vultures can’t sweat. So scientists think they might pee on themselves to help cool off! (SFX EWWW)

Vultures may be gross, but cats are pretty gross too. Come back tonight for more Chompers to find out the gross way that cats get clean! Until then . . . 

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 spit!