November 28, 2022

Music Week Morning Quiz (11-28-2022)

by Chompers

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Which instrument can play the highest notes? Figure it out with today's MUSIC QUIZ.

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>>Rachel: Good morning! It’s time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show. This week the tune we’re singing is … Music! 

But first, pick a side on the top of your mouth, and start brushing in small circles all the way around each tooth.

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 brush! (SFX Drum Roll)

>>Rachel: Today we’ve got a QUIZ for you! (Quiz FX)

Which of these instruments can hit the HIGHEST note? 

Is it: 

A: A Cello (SFX CELLO)

B: A Piccolo (SFX PICCOLO)

Or C: A Trumpet (SFX TRUMPET)

Keep in mind that - 

In music we say that this note (SFX LOW NOTE) is LOWER than this note (SFX HIGH NOTE). 

So which do you think can make the highest note? A cello, a piccolo or a trumpet?

Switch your brushing to the other side of the top of your mouth (SFX SWITCH BELL)  and make sure to brush all the way back to your molar teeth. 

To help you think about the answer, let’s learn a little bit more about each instrument!

Cellos are string instruments. String instruments use the vibrations from strings to make sounds. Some other string instruments are guitars (SFX GUITAR), harps (SFX HARP) and violins (SFX VIOLIN).

Switch your brushing to the bottom of your mouth,  (SFX SWITCH) but not too hard. 

So, is a Cello that hits the highest notes? (SFX CELLO) or is it the Piccolo? (SFX PICCOLO)

The piccolo is called a woodwind instrument. Other woodwind instruments include like the oboe (SFX OBOE), the clarinet (SFX CLARINET) and the Bassoon (SFX BASSOON).

So can the piccolo hit the highest notes? (SFX PICCOLO) Or … is it a TRUMPET!? (SFX TRUMPET)

Switch your brushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth, and don’t forget those front teeth! 

Trumpets are called brass instruments.  Trumpets are LOUD! So loud that the FIRST trumpets weren’t used for music -- they were used to communicate over long distances … before phones were invented!

So, which of these instruments can play the HIGHEST note? 


 Is it:




Come back to Chompers tonight to find out. Don’t forget to rinse and 

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 spit!