January 17, 2021

Jokes Week Morning Robots Jokes (1-17-2021)

by Chompers

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Today we have some jokes that’ll make you a laughing machine.

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>> Rachel: Good morning, it’s time for Chompers, your twice daily toothbrushing show. 

It’s Jokes Week, and today we have some ROBOT JOKES that’ll turn you into a laughing machine. 

Before we get the giggles going, start brushing on the top of your mouth. Pick a side, and don’t brush too hard. 

>> Kids: 3, 2, 1 BRUSH!

Here’s your first joke:

How do robots eat food?

>> KIDS: How?

>> Rachel: One mega BITE at a time.

(SFX Rimshot)

MEGA means BIG. And when you eat food, you take a BITE out of it. So a mega bite is like taking a HUGE mouthful of food. (SFX CHOMP)

Switch your brushing to the other side of the top of your mouth, and brush your molars in the way back too. 

Megabyte can mean something else, too.  Megabyte is a word used to measure how much information a machine can remember. In other words, the size of a robot’s memory is measured in MEGABYTES. Robots need a memory so they can remember how to do their jobs.

Switch your brushing to the bottom of your mouth, and don't forget those front teeth. 

Here’s your next joke:

What’s BB8’s favorite dance?

>> KID: What is it?

>> Rachel: The robot!


BB-8 is a ball-like robot in the Star Wars movies. “The Robot” is a dance where you act like...you guessed it…a robot! To do this dance, move your arms and legs in short, quick movements and wobble like a robot. 

Switch to the other side of the bottom of your mouth, and give your tongue a brush too

Ok here’s one last robot joke:

Why do robots have so much energy?

>> KIDS: Why?

>> Rachel: Because they’re wired!

(SFX Rimshot / short circuit)

The computer system inside of a robot is like the robot’s brain. That system often uses wires to send messages to different parts of the robot, telling it what to do. 

Wired is also another word for hyper. (SFX) So, a robot with energy is wired

That’s it for Chompers. Come back tonight for more hard-wired humor about robots. Until tonight... 

>> Kids: 3, 2, 1 spit!